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s. When I find▓ an appropriate vegetable which perfectly fits the scene or the costume of the character, I'm very excit▓ed."Sitting at the table in the studio in u▓ptown Beijing, Ju Duoqi moulds the food


, ▓possibly the cheapest creative material in ▓history. Lumpy potatoes grow facial expres▓sions and a mushroom piece twists into a French hat from the 19th century. The fastest to▓ wilt are added last, and once the piece is compl▓ete and the photographs taken, she cooks and eats them. 24 Solar Term

s: 8 things you may not know▓ about White Dew24 Solar Terms: 8 things you may not know about White Dew24 Solar Terms: 8 things you may not know about White Dew09-08-2018 10:33 BJTThe traditional Chinese lunar ▓calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. White Dew, (Chinese: 鐧介湶), the 15th solar term of the year, begins▓ this year on Sept 8 and ends on Sept 22▓. White Dew indicates the real beginning of cool autumn. ▓The temperature declines gradually and the vapors in the air ofte

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trees at night. Here are 8 things you should know about White Dew.Touring during Sept Varying by geographical location, autumn comes earlier in the west and northeast of China. Right now Kanas in X▓


injiang, Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan and the Gre▓ater Hinggan Mountains in Northeastern China are entering the most beautiful season of the year. Forests in gorgeous colors and minority groups with their divers▓ity of cultural styles have attracted a huge number of visitors.More white dews From t▓he first day of the White Dew on, there▓ are more and more dews. Although sunshine in the day is still hot, after sunset, temperatures decrease rapidly. At night, water vapors in the air turn into small water-drops when it e▓ncounters cold temperatures. These white▓ water-drops adhere to flowers, grass and trees. Wh▓en the morning comes, sunsh

ine makes them look crystal ▓clear, spotless white and adorable.Eating grapesThe White Dew season is just the time when grapes become widely available for sale. Eating grapes in▓ autumn can help dispel one's internal heat and expel toxins.Eating LonganLongan around White Dew is big, sweet and tastes great▓. There is a tradition in Fuzhou, Fujian province, that eating longan on the first day of Wh▓ite Dew can help nourish the human bo▓dy. It is said that one longan is as nutritious as ▓

an egg. Although this sounds exaggera▓ted,

Longan does reinforce the spleen, nourish the blood▓, calm the nerves and improve one’s looks

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.White Dew TeaMany regular tea drinkers in Nanjing favor White Dew Tea. Tea during White Dew has gone through the hot summer and is in its best state of growth. White Dew Tea is different from spring te▓a, which is usually too tender and doesn't last ▓long. It is also different from summer tea, which is dry and has a bitter


flavor. W▓hite Dew Tea instead tastes sweet with its sweet fragranc

e.White Dew WineFor some people in Nanjing, Jiang▓su province

, whose hometowns are in ▓Zhejiang prov

ince or the southern part of J

▓iangsu province, it is traditional to make White Dew Wine during this season. The wine is made o

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